Triple Board-certified Expertise


Triple Board-certified Expertise

General Dermatologic Surgery

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The special skills of a dermatologist.


Did you know that dermatologists are leaders and experts in surgical techniques of the skin? Looking for a trusted clinic for skin tag removal, benign mole removal, lipomas removal, cyst removal, and ear lobe repair? While we offer surgical options and nonsurgical options, we take great pride in our competence with surgical procedures when they are needed. We safeguard our patients’ health and provide an ideal cosmetic outcome.    

At Johns Creek Dermatology, we have 2 dedicated surgical units equipped with state-of-the-art technology and devices. Because our patients are important, we have an expert surgical team with surgical assistants who have worked side by side with our board certified physicians for years.

We treat benign skin growths at our dedicated surgical unit under local anesthetic. Many patients aren’t even aware that elective removals are treatment options. They have been told in the past to live with a growth or they have been misguided by misinformation. Some patients are even shy to ask. Skin tags, benign moles, lipomas and cysts, and ear lobe repairs are some of many conditions that can be managed surgically.


Before a surgical excision the dermatologist or qualified physician assistant will consult thoroughly with the patient to assess the growth. Together we will be able to decide on the best surgical option, closure technique, and cosmetic outcome.


Patients have unique skin types, medical backgrounds, and healing abilities. These surgical procedures are highly individualized. It is of paramount importance for us to counsel the patient on the preoperative stage and postoperative healing. Empowering the patient and setting expectations make Johns Creek Dermatology the best clinic for general dermatological surgery and procedural dermatology in Johns Creek North Atlanta. 

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