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Triple Board-certified Expertise

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On every Boosted Pigment Correct Peel or Bright & Even Peel

On every Boosted Pigment Correct Peel or Bright & Even Peel

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On every Boosted Pigment Correct Peel or Bright & Even Peel

Springtime brings a season of renewal and rejuvenation for your skin, coupled with an exclusive offer: $50 OFF every Pigment Correct Peel or Bright & Even Peel treatment, boosted with Retinol for optimal results.

Purchase every boosted chemical peel treatment for just $300, down from the original price of $350!

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Whether you wish to correct all types of visible hyperpigmentation on all skin tones with a Pigment Correct Peel or to enhance the appearance of skin tone, texture and visible brightness with a Bright & Even Peel, our highly-advanced PCA Skin chemical peels provide a safe and effective solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal results for all skin tones.

Ready your skin for filter-free summer selfies, graduation photos, or weddings. Let us help you achieve radiant and flawless skin for all your special occasions or simply to feel happy and confident whenever you look in the mirror.

Our peels are highly customizable, safe, and require no downtime, making them ideal for:

The Face and Body

Men and Women of All Age Groups

All Skin Tones, especially Skin of Color

All Skin Types

★ Combination 

★ Dry 

★ Normal 

★ Oily 

★ Sensitive 

Many Skin Conditions

★ Acne  

★ Aging  

★ Sun damage  

★ Discolorations (Hyperpigmentation) 

★ Pre-cancer Preventative  

★ Sensitive Skin Conditions


The breakthrough solution to correct all types of visible hyperpigmentation on all skin tones. Effective on all types of visible hyperpigmentation and across all Fitzpatricks

Key Benefits

✓ Delivers up to 17% reduction in visible hyperpigmentation after just 1 treatment

✓ Results in as early as 7 days post-treatment

✓ Exfoliates and lifts existing visible hyperpigmentation 

✓ Prevents formation of new visible hyperpigmentation. 

✓ A calming anti-inflammatory extract that supports the skin barrier.


A gentle chemical peel that brightens and resurfaces the skin to enhance the appearance of skin tone, texture and visible brightness. It can be used on all skin types, including sensitive, and has been shown to provide an overall improvement in uneven skin tone on all Fitzpatricks.

Key Benefits

  Smooths and resurface skin texture while also improving the look of uneven skin tone and visible redness.

✓ Protects the skin from internal and external aggressors that lead to skin stress that result in visible redness and the appearance of uneven skin tone.

✓ Improves skin radiance by 47% after just one peeling session*

✓ Increases skin glow and radiance

✓ Brightens and resurfaces to enhance the appearance of skin tone and texture

Smooths skin texture, with participants seeing a 33% improvement inskin texture after just one peeling session*

How many peels will I need to see results?

Superficial peels will yield some immediate results, while others may necessitate a series of treatments based on your individual case and goals. For instance, the Pigment Correct Peel can deliver results in as early as 7 days post-treatment.

Is peeling exfoliation?

Peeling is exfoliation. When your skin peels or flakes after a treatment your skin is shedding dead or damaged surface cells and revealing new, healthy skin cells on the surface. This action is called cell turnover. Supporting the cell turnover process with professional peels is what allows the skin to shed dead cells and bring new, fresh skin to the surface, free of signs of aging, sun damage, dirt and debris. The result is healthier glowing skin.

Will I necessarily experience visible peeling after a PCA SKIN chemical peel?

Not everyone will visibly peel after treatment, but this doesn't indicate treatment ineffectiveness. Peel outcomes vary based on skin type, resilience, peel type, and layers applied. Some may undergo "sheeting," where large skin portions peel off, while others experience "flaking," akin to dry skin or mild sunburn peeling. Some may undergo unseen exfoliation, still effective. Deeper peels often result in more extensive peeling.

What's the downtime after a chemical peel?
Incorporating peels into a busy schedule is seamless. PCA SKIN peels require no downtime; you'll leave your ready to resume regular activities. Following Dr.
Timani's post-procedure regimen will optimize results and minimize peeling and redness. It's advisable to avoid activities that induce sweating for 48 hours post-treatment. Dr. Timani will provide tailored post-procedure instructions to address your skin's specific requirements.


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