Where dermatopathology is much more than a report.


Here Dermatopathology is not limited to an interpretation under the microscope or a report on a paper. At Johns Creek Dermatology have redefined dermatopathology as clinicopathology. We take pride in examining our patients, performing samples when needed, and interpreting them in the context of that patient, not just in the context of the slide or the microscope. If you need the best dermatopathology and dermatopathologist in Johns Creek North Atlanta, then look no further than Johns Creek Dermatology.

Dermatopathology is a unique subspecialty of dermatology and surgical pathology that studies skin conditions at the microscopic level. Most skin conditions can be recognized by their appearance, distribution or behavior. But sometimes these criteria are not sufficient and a skin sample is needed to analyze the condition under the microscope. A dermatopathologist studies and interprets this sample at the microscopic and molecular level.


There are few physicians who are double boarded in both general dermatology and dermatopathology and fewer physicians who continue to practice and apply both specialties. Dr. Shereen Timani chose this area of expertise to compliment her medical skills. She realized years ago that her calling was to master all aspects of dermatology, so that she can maximize her diagnostic skills and ultimately improve the outcome for patients. Her interest includes skin cancers and autoimmune conditions which may require special testing called immunofluorescence.


We use this expertise to interpret all pathology reports that come our way, which can be very challenging for physical assistants and clinicians without this special training. We also use this subspecialty to interpret urgent biopsies for patients, especially those needing quick answers and quick turn-around, including hospitalized patients. We report to our patients promptly with comprehensive explanation, education and solutions, not with big words.


Dr. Timani collaborates with renowned pathologists, consultants, and laboratories that are subspecialized for challenging cases. She is available around the clock to guide the team in interpreting pathology reports and is equally accessible for colleagues in the community. You are guaranteed prompt and expert results. 

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