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Your Dermatologist Knows Skin Care Products Best

Your Dermatologist Knows Skin Care Products Best

Posted by Johns Creek Dermatology in Skin Care Procedures 24 Oct 2014
Johns Creek Dermatology can recommend a skin care regimen tailred just for you using the finest pharmaceutical grade products

Johns Creek Dermatology can Recommend a Skin Care Regimen Tailored Just for You Using the Finest Pharmaceutical Grade Products

Who do you trust to give you skin care advice? The answer should be – your dermatologist. But, many people take the challenge of determining the products to use on themselves, only to spend a lot of money on a lot of products that promise youth and deliver – well, not what they were hoping for… Then they visit a dermatologist as a last resort, when nothing else has worked and your skin is crying out for some TLC.

Dr. Timani believes this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Working directly with Dr. Timani to craft a skin care regimen using pharmaceutical grade products only available from a physician is the smartest skin move anyone can make. These products have been specifically formulated to create the best complexion possible and address skin issues. And, by managing your individual skin issues at home using the recommended products, it makes Dr. Timani’s job easier too.

What Types of Products Do I Need?

#1 Sunscreen and Moisturizer: Your skin essentially does not age as significantly if you protect it from the sun. The signs of aging: sagging; drooping; wrinkles; crepiness around the eyes; hyperpigmentation; and spots are largely a result of sun damage. Ultraviolet light impacts collagen production, so a day of sun exposure is equivalent to one day of aging. In short, the single most important thing Dr. Timani recommends to maintain a youthful appearance is to use a daily sunscreen on your face. What to use? A mineral based sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF. Dr. Timani carries Obagi and Avene sunscreens, and is adding a new Elizabeth Arden Rx sun protection product to her line.

#2 Acne and Wrinkle Treatment: Ever ponder the inequity of having wrinkles and acne as an adult? Dr. Timani may prescribe a regimen of topical acne medication and a retinoic, glycolic acid or similar AHA, depending on the severity of the acne and wrinkles. In some cases, a mild antibiotic may also be prescribed for break-outs. Retinoic acid is prescription strength, and similar to the other acid based formulations, is appropriate for treating acne, aging, and wrinkles. The acid based products promote exfoliation, which assists in achieving even skin tone. Over time these products produce increased collagen in the skin and also diminish precancerous lesions from sun exposure. Now, what product will Dr. Timani recommend for you? Johns Creek Dermatology carries Obagi, Revision and Avene product lines, Glytone products, and D-Pigment. She is adding a new product line, Elizabeth Arden Rx, a pharmaceutical grade line which combines environmental protection, retinoids and AHAs, and growth factors. Each product line carried by Johns Creek Dermatology includes specially formulated topical applications to target acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or diminished volume and deliver just the right amount of exfoliant properties for your skin care concerns.

 #3 Cleansing: Dr. Timani prefers a gentle cleanser with a neutral pH. Obagi, Avene, Revision and Elizabeth Arden Rx product lines offer gentle cleansing properties.

Claiming Your Product Preferences

So those are the specially formulated products Dr. Timani offers at her practice to keep you looking youthful and clear complexioned. The good news is, she will recommend a combination of products to develop a daily regimen specifically targeted to have a big impact on your skin care concerns. There are a number of variables Dr. Timani takes into account in stipulating your skin care routine. Are you acne prone? How much should exfoliation be part of your routine? Is uneven skin tone what bothers you the most? How low maintenance does it need to be? She will focus on proposing the use of pharmaceutical grade cosmetic dermatology products that give you the most benefit for the price.

Come see Dr. Timani to review our product lines and learn about what our newest vendor offers. Our office is conveniently located in Johns Creek, serving patients in South Forsyth, North Fulton, and Gwinnett Counties, and the Atlanta metro area.

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