Biopsies and Other Surgical Dermatology

At Johns Creek Dermatology, Shereen Timani, M.D. does biopsies and other surgical dermatology. For conditions that warrant a biopsy such as atypical moles, cysts, lesions and skin cancers, entrust the health of your skin to a Board-Certified dermatologist, a true expert in skin. This branch of dermatology includes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the skin, hair, nails, veins, mucous membranes and adjacent tissues by various surgical, reconstructive, and cosmetic methods. The purpose of dermatologic surgery may address medically necessary procedures, such as skin biopsies, as well as repair and improvement of the function and cosmetic appearance of skin tissue, thus overlapping the purpose of the procedures.

At Johns Creek Dermatology, we use cosmetic excision procedures to treat a variety of benign skin conditions for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Dr. Shereen Timani offers individualized cosmetic consults and treatments, including mole removal,  the removal of epidermal cysts or birthmarks, and benign skin cancers. When determining whether a person has skin cancer,  benign conditions, bacteria,  fungi or inflammatory diseases of the skin,  Dr. Timani may perform a skin biopsy to determine the status of the site or mole.  There are four basic types of biopsy procedures that may be employed, dependent on the location, size, and type of lesion:

Shave Biopsy

The least invasive of biopsy techniques, an outermost layer of skin is removed using a razor-type tool, and stitches are not required.


Punch Biopsy

For deeper areas of concern, a punch biopsy involves removal of a small round piece of skin using a sharp, hollow instrument. The removal site is usually the size of a pencil eraser. Typically the site does not require the use of stitches unless a large sample is required at the same site.


Excisional Biopsy

When Dr. Timani determines that the entire lesion or mole requires removal, she will perform an excisional biopsy. This procedure necessitates administration of an anesthetic or numbing agent as the removal may require a deep incision, and the entire lesion or mole is removed. Stitches or a small skin graft may be needed to achieve the best cosmetic appearance after healing.


Incisional Biopsy

When sizable growths or lesions are concerned, an incisional biopsy, which takes larger specimens for examination, may be indicated. Dr. Timani will remove a portion of the area of concern, which is then examined at the lab for diagnosis. This level of biopsy requires the use of a local anesthetic and often stitches.  


Following evaluation and diagnosis of the condition, an individual action plan will be developed to give you the best cosmetic results. Dr. Timani’s knowledge of the skin and proper surgical techniques ensure the placement of precise incisions in a location that will be least visible.  The majority of dermatologic surgeries performed by Dr. Timani are considered minimally invasive and, due to recent research and innovations in surgical instruments, require only local or regional anesthesia.

Our goal at Johns Creek Dermatology is to ensure patient safety and minimal downtime for our patients. Dr. Timani consistently updates her knowledge of the newest developments and the latest surgical techniques for enhancing the results of the skin surgery procedures she performs. Insurance may pay for some or all of a biopsy. Be sure to understand your coverage before you elect a procedure.

Every patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.  

Dr. Timani’s office is located in Johns Creek which is conveniently located to serve the surrounding areas of Roswell, Milton, Duluth, Cumming, and Alpharetta, GA.  Call her office to make an appointment if you have a concern about your skin.