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Mole Removal

Johns Creek Dermatology is very aware that moles, or skin lesions, aren’t only unsightly, but can be a serious cause of cancer. Don’t ignore a mole that may appear odd or cause discomfort. Read on to see if you need a mole removal procedure.

How Do Moles Develop?
Under your skin’s surface are melanocytes, or skin pigment cells that determine your skin’s natural color. However, when melanocytes develop in clusters below the skin, a mole can develop singularly or in a group. These skin lesions are called nevi or melanocytic nevus.

Genetics, overexposure to sunlight, hormonal imbalances during adolescence and pregnancy can cause a mole to form and darken.

Mole Varieties
A mole can appear oval or round in shape and is usually no more than 5 millimeters wide. This skin lesion can be pink, brown or tan in color and can be raised or flat.

Of more concern are those that are malignant, or cancerous. How can you tell if your mole is cancerous? There are basically two types of these skin lesions that may be cancerous. Some people—about 1 in every 100—develop a type of mole at birth called congenital nevi. This type of mole is more prone to turn into melanoma than other types.

A dysplastic nevi, another type of cancerous mole, is larger than a congenital nevi and has an irregular shape. This mole appears flat with an uneven color, uneven edges and a dark brown-colored center. If you notice that you may have this type of mole, you may be more likely to develop malignant melanoma.

Signs of Concern
You should get help immediately if you have a mole that–

  • Appears abnormal in size or continues to grow
  • Appears very dark
  • Appears scaly or dry
  • Causes discomfort
  • Bleeds, itches or causes redness

Help is Right around the Corner
The skin specialists at Johns Creek Dermatology can assist you in determining if you have melanoma or malignant mole. Early detection is important as mole removal can be done very quick and easily with a small incision. Our medical team has the knowledge and experience in caring for you and relieving you of your cancerous or non-cancerous skin mole. We have the ability to do a simple skin biopsy if necessary, to reveal the depth of your mole in order to find the best treatment for you.

Get in contact with Johns Creek Dermatology to get your moles examined and relieve any concerns you may have. Soon you’ll be on your way to beautiful, mole-free skin that you won’t have to hide!