Comprehensive Dermatological ServicesComprehensive Dermatological Services

Shereen Timani M.D., at Johns Creek Dermatology, provides comprehensive dermatological services for adult and pediatric patients. Dermatology is defined as the science of the skin, hair, and nails. The skin is the largest organ, visibly covering more than 90% of the body; hair and nails comprise another 8%. The average adult has approximately 10 to 30 pounds of skin and the skin has the job of encompassing the entire body weight. It constantly renews itself by sloughing off 30-40,000 cells per day and completely renewing itself every 4 weeks. While it never wears out, it does make changes in appearance throughout our lives.

Skin plays a role of vital importance as it protects the body, wards off infection, shields from damaging ultraviolet radiation and harmful environmental chemical and toxins, and it alerts the brain to sensitive touch, smell, and impending pain. It’s a complicated system and that’s why comprehensive dermatological services are necessary. It is especially important in serving as a functional barrier in preventing the loss of bodily substances, particularly water, which is essential to life, from seeping from our bodies. However, skin is not indestructible, and we must maintain it and keep it healthy in order for it to continue to perform its vital functions.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Timani, at Johns Creek Dermatology, focuses on preventive care and full skin checks. Our office offers individualized diagnostic and therapeutic services for a wide spectrum of conditions:

If you or your child have skin concerns, schedule an appointment with Dr. Timani at Johns Creek Dermatology. We appreciate referrals. Our office is conveniently located in Johns Creek, GA, to serve patients in North Fulton, Western Gwinnett, and Southern Forsyth Counties.

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