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Skin Care Resolutions for 2015

Skin Care Resolutions for 2015

Posted by Johns Creek Dermatology in Healthy Lifestyle, Skin Care Procedures 26 Dec 2014
The new Year is the Perfect Time to Make Skin Care Resolutions You Can Keep

The New Year is the Perfect Time to Make Skin Care Resolutions You Can Keep

The New Year is the perfect time to make a commitment to enrich ourselves – it’s like a fresh start. So to kick off 2015 right, Johns Creek Dermatology shares 10 skin care resolutions you can make to help ensure you have the healthiest and best looking skin possible.

Make Application of Sunscreen a Daily Ritual

This is probably the most important resolution to make and keep. So if it is the only one you can commit to, you are already better off than in 2014. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis has been recommended by doctors for some time now, and newer scientific findings are revealing the real damage that exposure to the sun’s rays is capable of. We advise wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30, and reapply it often. We carry pharmaceutical grade sunscreen products that provide enough protection and don’t feel or look like paste on your face – try Revision Intellishade or our new line – Elizabeth Arden RX Triple Protection Factor SPF 50.

Remove Make-Up Every Night

Sleeping in your make-up, which has trapped all of the day’s skin-damaging free radicals in dirt, grime, oils, and cosmetic layers, can cause break-outs or dull the appearance of your skin. But some days the effort just seems monumental. Unless you can actually no longer function for another 2 minutes, try one of these ideas:
• Wash you face immediately when you arrive home – sometime between taking out the dog and changing into PJs.
• Removing mascara is also very important to keep your lashes from becoming brittle and breaking, or at least to keep those little flakes from lodging in your eye while you sleep.
• If you accidentally fall into bed and can’t get up, keep some moisturizing make-up remover wipes in your bedside drawer.

Apply Moisturizers After Your Shower

We’ve mentioned this advice before. Since baths or showers strip oil from the skin of oils, you should apply your moisturizer right after you finish, while the skin is still damp to seal in the moisture. Keeping your body lotion in the shower will remind you to apply it after you towel dry. And did you know that pump bottle lotions allow water in, which can promote growth of bacteria, so opt for a flip top model of body lotion.

Do Not Pick At Your Skin

Oh the temptation. You see a red spot, and if it has a white center, it is almost impossible to keep from squeezing it. But touching and squeezing already irritated skin can exacerbate the condition and possibly contaminate the skin further. Manage that compulsion to pop the zit by:

• Avoid looking in magnifying mirrors,
• Place “Don’t Touch It” sticky notes where you are sure to see them
• Grab something to keep your hands busy when you feel the urge to explore the bump.
• If you succumb to the urge, apply hydrocortisone cream on the spot to soothe inflammation and protect your skin from scarring.


Skin cells dry out, lose their glow, and build-up unless they are removed. Exfoliation with a product specifically designed to accomplish sloughing without irritation can jump-start the cellular renewal process. A gentle face scrub should eradicate the dull, dead layer and expose fresh new cells underneath.

Wipe After a Workout

After you work out, if you can’t take a shower right away, bring some salicylic acid pads in your gym bag to swipe over your face, chest, and upper back to avoid breakouts from the bacteria in dried sweat.

Clean or Replace Make-up Brushes Regularly

If you could see your make-up brushes under a microscope after a few weeks, you really wouldn’t want to put them on your face. Makeup residue, lotion products, and skin oils build up over time. The result is that the brushes serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, and in turn can cause irritation or break-outs. Ideally the brushes should be cleaned weekly, but we all know that most people don’t have time, so once a once is satisfactory. Use lukewarm water, and either liquid hand soap or baby shampoo to create a lather, rinse well, squeeze out the excess water using a downward motion, reshape the brushes, and dry them on an elevated surface, so the bristles aren’t resting on the sink or counter. If you’d rather not take the time to clean them, replace the brushes every few months at the minimum.

Schedule an Annual Full Body Skin Exam

Most people visit the doctor for illness or an annual exam, but a large proportion of the population doesn’t consider scheduling an annual full body skin exam as a preventative measure. Often it is the first chore on a checklist to get erased when time is short. But skin cancer can be detected early with a positive outcome. So make an appointment today with Dr. Timani at Johns Creek Dermatology for your preventative skin care exam.

Treat Your Hands as Well as Your Face

Fingernails are not tools, and hands are exposed to sun, weather, and dehydration the same as your face, neck, chest and back. Daily use of plain alcohol based antibacterial gels can be extremely drying, so it is recommended that you use moisturizing or aloe infused versions instead. The same goes for soap – opt for hand cleansers with moisturizers. In addition, hands may be the one thing that gives away a persons’ age, so protect them daily with sunscreen, especially if you will be driving for long periods during the daytime, because damaging rays can penetrate even UV-protective auto glass. At night coat your hands with a rich exfoliating lotion, use a healing ointment if they are extremely chapped or cracked, and wear cotton gloves to keep the moisturizer, well, moist.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon for Product Results

Don’t expect a miraculous transformation when trying out a new skin treatment.  Most products take at least 6 weeks to really show their potential, so don’t give up after just a few days.  This is especially true with skin lighteners and acne products.

 Johns Creek Dermatology Can help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Dr. Timani can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. Schedule an appointment for a full body skin exam, and while you are at the office check out our lines for skin care products and sunscreens. We can also help you manage acne, rosacea, eczema and other skin conditions.

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