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Veinwave Treatment

A revolutionary treatment for spider veins is called Veinwave. It’s a procedure that has been cleared by the FDA, and it’s used to treat spider veins that occur on the body and face.

Many patients prefer this procedure because it’s an excellent alternative to sclerotherapy. Veinwave works exceptionally well on cherry angiomas and facial veins.


What about Skin And Vein Types?

Patients should understand that this procedure is effective for all vein and skin types. Another benefit of Veinwave is that it doesn’t cause a loss of skin pigmentation, which is a common concern. This procedure can be used to treat both blue and red veins effectively.


Procedure Details

Many patients choose this procedure because it’s minimally invasive. When the procedure is performed, only the top layers of a patient’s skin are penetrated. No blood vessels are pierced.

In most cases, nickel needles are used, and they’re insulated with micro sheath, which prevents tissue trauma. Many patients opt for this procedure because the results are instant. Spider veins will start fading away immediately after the procedure.

A large percentage of patients walk away from the procedure and show no visible signs on their skin. Patients who have sensitive skin could end up with some redness, but reddening of the skin should quickly disappear.


What You Should Expect

If you’re going to have this procedure done, you need to know what to expect. When the needle is inserted, you will feel a warm prick. In most cases, patients describe the sensation as a harmless sting, and the sensation doesn’t stick around for longer than one or two seconds.

However, the sensations that you experience are dependent upon where you have the procedure performed. Almost all patients agree that the discomfort caused by Veinwave is nowhere near as bad as discomfort caused by laser-based procedures.

Veinwave is also considered to be much more effective than alternative treatments. Veinwave uses a small needle that emits high-frequency thermal energy. Heat from the needle causes the vein walls and blood within them to break down.

Ultimately, the veins collapse, disappear and don’t cause damage to surrounding tissue. A treatment session shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


After The Procedure

After you’ve had the procedure performed, you should be able to resume normal activities. We recommend that you avoid the sun for a few days or apply sunblock.

Some patients end up with what are called micro-crusts, which can appear a few days after the procedure was performed.

Micro-crusts are similar to the temporary effects experienced from a cat scratch, and they will eventually vanish. If you think you might need this procedure, we can help. With Johns Creek dermatology, you’re skin is in good hands.