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Dermal Fillers

Radiesse, Juvederm add youth | AtlantaAs we age, our natural collagen begins to break down, and when combined with exposure to weather, pollution stress, and other external irritants, our facial volume and elasticity begins to decrease. Collagen is the element that provides fullness, suppleness and vigor to young skin. Wrinkles, facial creases and sagging skin may result from the loss of elasticity and volume  – causing your skin to lose its youthful appearance. A popular approach to attaining a more youthful appearance is the use of dermal fillers, often referred to as “soft tissue fillers”. Dermal fillers are intended to enhance a person’s facial aesthetics including: reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and softened facial creases; boosting facial fullness; augmentation of shallow contours; plumped lips; and skin rejuvenation. At Johns Creek Dermatology, we offer several types of dermal fillers including:

Each type of filler material performs differently and results have a varied lifespan, although all soft tissue fillers facilitate increased volume to your facial skin. However, no single filler works comprehensively for all areas of the face. Dermal fillers are particularly effective in softening and filling in nasolabial folds and marionette lines. A very important distinction are fillers appropriate to lip enhancement, as only specific fillers can be injected in the lips to achieve desired results. The “liquid facelift” procedure employs the use of multiple fillers for different facial areas to improve the entire facial aesthetic. In this procedure, soft tissue fillers are administered via injection to targeted areas. Dermal fillers are safe if used correctly. They are generally simple to administer and the results last for a significant period of time. As well, dermal fillers provide cosmetic results that can be reproduced from treatment to treatment.

Although the results of dermal fillers are not equivalent to cosmetic surgery, these treatments are minimally invasive and offer a less costly alternative to cosmetic surgery, results are immediately noticeable, and there is little or no recovery period or downtown following treatment. The injection process usually is completed in just a few minutes per site for wrinkles, although very deep lines and scars may require more than one treatment to achieve the desired results. To keep you comfortable a topical anesthetic may be used to numb the area, but for patients with extremely sensitive skin or where deeper injections may be required, a localized injectable anesthetic may be administered. A thin needle is employed to inject the dermal filler into the targeted area where reduction in wrinkles or fullness is desired. It is normal to experience some brief minor discomfort initially, and possibly a little swelling, particularly around the lips, but most patients are able to immediately return to work or engage in daily activities.

Depending on the specific filler being used, and the target area, you can expect results lasting between 3 months to five years. The shortest result life is typically associated with collagen based products, while hylauronic acid based fillers tend to last from six months to one year. The lip area typically has the shortest duration of results, and the nasal labial fold area maintains results for periods up to one year. It is important to remember that effective results are due more to the injection technique than the type of filler being used. This is why Johns Creek Dermatology, a reputable, experienced specialist in cosmetic dermatology, can provide you with the best in care and technique.