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Your hair is very much part of your identity and yet thinning hair, hair falling out, and baldness are issues many face! It can significantly impact a person’s self-esteem. This is why we have dedicated an entire state-of-the-art facility to treating hair loss and helping with hair restoration. Men and women of all age groups and of all skin types can find the best hair loss treatment and hair restoration solutions in Johns Creek North Atlanta.


At Johns Creek Dermatology, there is no magic hair growth oil or hair growth products or hair loss cure. There is science that delivers real results. We are experts in hair anatomy, physiology and pathology and are experienced in diagnosing all forms of hair loss. This makes us trusted specialists who offer effective solutions and treatments.


Alopecia is excessive loss of hair and can occur on the scalp, face or body. We provide alopecia treatment. In most cases, hair loss is multifactorial. There are many causes of hair loss including autoimmune, genetic, as well as causes related to stress internally or externally. We’re here to help bald women and to assist with hair growth in men, hair loss in women, and many other hair related concerns.


Many patients are unaware that there are treatment options for hair loss. We treat hair loss in patients of all ages, genders, and races. We understand the individual needs of each patient and specialize in all hair types and textures. We strive to improve the confidence and appearance of each patient and want each patient to know that there is a treatment option for them.


In our practice, we approach each hair loss patient systematically. We conduct a thorough interview of the patient and take a detailed personal and family history. We then perform a careful examination of the scalp, and in some patients the remainder of the body is examined as well.


Blood testing, when indicated, is beneficial in evaluating the presence of autoimmune conditions, hormonal abnormalities, vitamin deficiencies, and thyroid abnormalities. If any internal abnormality is identified, then the treatment regimen is adjusted to treat the cause.


Scalp biopsies remain the gold standard in diagnosis and are beneficial in narrowing down a specific diagnosis to rule out scarring forms of hair loss. Our dermatopathology team will interpret your case.


There are many treatment options for hair loss and our list includes but is not limited to HydraFacial Keravive, steroid injections, light caps, platelet-rich plasma, and hair transplants.


Your plans did not include hair loss and this is why now we have a solution.


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