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Looking for a dermatologist in Johns Creek North Atlanta who understands the unique needs of skin of color? African Americans, Asians, Hispanics or Latinos, Native Indians, Pacific Islanders, and individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds need special attention and care for their skin. At Johns Creek Dermatology, we understand all this at a personal level. You deserve to see the best dermatologist for skin of color who understands your specific needs and has experience in treating skin of all shades effectively and safely. At Johns Creek Dermatology we are trained and qualified in the management and treatment of many conditions affecting patients with skin of color. Our expertise encompasses a vast understanding of the scope of skin, hair and nail diseases, which can present very differently in skin of color. Not only do we feel confident diagnosing conditions in skin of color we find it is one of our true passions.  


Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color and the level of melanin production can vary drastically from person to person. Skin of color has higher levels of melanin, which makes hyperpigmentation more prominent in skin of color compared to fair skinned individuals. Any skin condition, whether it be acne, scars, keloids, melasma, vitiligo, or rashes, can present very differently in skin of color due to these higher levels of melanin.


In the past there was a shortage of treatments that were safe to use on darker skin tones. Our team at Johns Creek Dermatology has become renowned as a destination for patients with skin of color. We have researched and obtained numerous treatment options that are safe and effective to use in skin of color. A Hair Restoration Unit has been devoted to address hair loss for patients of skin of color. In addition, we have a laser and system of chemical peels that are especially beneficial in improving pigmentation problems in skin of color.


Not only are we experienced in diagnosing and treating skin of color, but we are relentless in providing skin care solutions that give each patient the best cosmetic outcome as well. In our care, you do not have to worry about whether a treatment will be suitable for your skin type. At Johns Creek Dermatology, you can be confident that each treatment option has been specifically tailored for your needs. You know where to come when you need professional dermatology for skin of color in Johns Creek.

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