BirthmarksBirthmarks are a common part of life, but that does not necessarily mean that individuals are comfortable with them. Fortunately, Shereen Timani, M.D. at John Creek Dermatology in Johns Creek, GA, has solutions to reduce the appearance of birthmarks and clear up the complexion when the marks are impacting personal self-confidence.

Appearance of Birthmarks

When a birthmark forms on a child it can take on many different appearances. The birthmark may be a simple variation on the pigment of the skin. And it can be large or small. Moles that form shortly after birth are not uncommon and may sometimes be classified a birthmark.

Seeking Assistance

Although a birthmark is not necessarily dangerous to health, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment, especially if it is large or located on an area that is visible, such as the face. The staff at Johns Creek Dermatology is here to help in these situations by suggesting cosmetic solutions that can help reduce the appearance of the discoloration or lighten the pigment so that it matches the rest of the skin.

Concerns Related to Cancer

Cancer concerns may arise in certain situations. A birthmark that bleeds or suddenly increases in size can seem like a sign of cancer. Although it is not necessarily cancer, addressing the worry is essential. A mole that shows up shortly after birth will likely not become cancerous. Dr. Timani can surgically remove a mole or birthmark that is exhibiting odd changes. When removed, it is immediately sent out to test for cancer cells. If cancer cells are found, Dr. Timani will make suggestions for appropriate treatment. Birthmarks or moles that appear shortly after birth will likely not be cancerous.

Changes in appearance often relate to the growth of a child. For example, a child may discover that a birthmark has stretched due to several inches of growth in a short period of time. In these situations the change is not likely to relate to cancer or similar concerns.

The development of a birthmark does not necessarily lead to health concerns. In most cases, treatments to handle a birthmark are related to cosmetic concerns and focus on improving personal self-confidence and self-esteem.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results will vary.  

If you have any concerns about changes in the appearance of a birthmark, or to simply determine the nature of any skin discoloration, contact our office in Johns Creek, GA, today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Timani. Our office serves patients in the Metro Atlanta area and the surrounding communities of Roswell, Milton, Sandy Springs and Buckhead.

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