Dermatopathology for Accurate Diagnosis

Shereen Timani, M.D. has a doctorate in both dermatology and dermatopathology. Her background and degrees enable her to correlate clinical presentations with histological findings. She is focused on providing exceptional services by providing a prompt diagnosis for her patients within 24 -48 hours after she performs a biopsy or a surgical excision. This is possible because she has the capability to perform the evaluation in the office and does not have to send specimens out for interpretation.

Dermatopathology Defined

Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of dermatology and surgical pathology that consists of the study of skin diseases at a microscopic level. It encompasses the diagnosis of skin eruptions and cancers through the examination of skin biopsies. Dermatologists recognize most skin diseases based on their appearance, distribution on the body and behavior with time. Occasionally, these criteria are not enough and a skin sample is needed to examine the sample under a microscope.

This microscopic examination reveals the organic structure of the disease and clarifies the diagnosis. Occasionally, additional testing needs to be performed on skin samples, such as immunofluorescence, electron microscopy or flow cytometry.

Diagnosis is Paramount

Dr. Timani extends her expertise to other dermatologists. As a medical consultant, her priority is to deliver a clear and accurate diagnosis, ensuring the well-being of the patient at all times. Dr. Timani’s philosophy is to provide extraordinary, compassionate and thorough medical care. She realizes that early diagnosis of any condition ensures the best outcome of any treatment plan.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results will vary. 

Dermatopathology at Johns Creek Dermatology: If you notice any skin abnormality, immediately schedule a consultation with Dr. Timani at Johns Creek Dermatology. If warranted, she will employ dermatopathology to fully diagnose any condition. Our office serves patients in the Metro Atlanta, GA, area and the surrounding communities of Roswell, Milton, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, and Alpharetta.