PRP Treatments for Skin and Hair Offer Natural, Promising Results

Many people are excited to hear that we don’t just treat skin issues here at Johns Creek Dermatology and Johns Creek Family Medicine. We also offer solutions for addressing hair loss at Johns Creek Family Medicine. One of the big breakthroughs in hair-loss treatments is the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth. This treatment option has much in common with many of the other innovative, noninvasive facial and beauty treatments we offer. We also offer PRP treatments for the skin and face at Johns Creek Dermatology. Take a look at how this noninvasive, natural procedure is helping people get the confidence they want without undergoing a drastic procedure.

How Do PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments Work?
A PRP treatment is a non-surgical, quick solution that is actually used for a variety of things. It is especially effective when it comes to promoting hair regrowth. A small sample of a patient’s blood is taken. Platelets are then extracted and concentrated. Those platelets are then injected back into the scalp of the patient. The platelets actually act to form new collagen and promote the growth of hair follicles. This is a non-surgical treatment that provides gradual rejuvenation and growth. There is essentially no recovery time involved.

How Do PRP Facial Treatments Work?
A PRP facial treatment is a great option for anyone who would like a way to restore vitality, softness and firmness without introducing any synthetic fillers into their skin. This procedure is often referred to as a vampire facelift because of its use of platelets. However, you’ll definitely be excited to show off your skin in the light of day once this procedure leaves you with a glow! Your own platelets are injected into the wrinkles, lines or problem areas on your face. This injection stimulates your own collagen production and helps you enjoy younger-looking, smoother skin. The naturalness of this procedure keeps the risk for adverse reactions extremely low.

Do You Want to Learn More About PRP Treatment Options for Hair and Skin?
Shereen Timani, M.D. and the team at Johns Creek Dermatology will be more than happy to tell you more about the exciting breakthroughs happening in PRP treatment options. We can give you an overview of the procedure and help you determine if it is a good fit for helping you to stimulate hair regrowth or achieve fresher skin. Our office in Johns Creek proudly serves patients throughout South Forsyth County, Gwinnett County, North Fulton County and the surrounding North Atlanta area.

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