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How to Use Injectable Dermal Fillers

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How to Use Injectable Dermal Fillers

Posted by Johns Creek Dermatology in Injectables 30 Mar 2016

photo of a smiling middle aged woman | Johns Creek DermatologyFor the most part, visible signs of aging in the face are directly related to volume loss. For instance, cheeks look hollow and lines become chiseled around the mouth and nose as facial tissues become thinner. However, injectable dermal fillers can restore the volume that was lost.

Injectable dermal fillers are a general term for removing wrinkles by using injections. It is a common technique that has greatly advanced in the past two to three years. The facial fillers for rejuvenating the facial skin can greatly vary like hyaluronic acid, collagen and calcium hydroxyl apatite.

Injectable dermal fillers are temporary to long lasting solutions that are done by a few small injections on specific areas of the face. Each type of injectable dermal fillers are designed for one or more purposes such as raising scar depression, reducing or eliminating wrinkles, plumping the lips and replenishing soft-tissue volume loss.

A qualified medical professional like a dermatologist can assist you with determining the best type of injectable dermal fillers to use. At Johns Creek Dermatology they specialize in all aspects of advanced dermatology techniques. In fact, Dr. Shereen Timani had one of the most prestigious training programs in the country at the University of Cincinnati. Actually, patients rely on Dr. Shereen Timani for a variety of expertise such as Dermatopathology, skin conditions and anti-aging techniques.

Types of Injectable Dermal Fillers

According to WebMD, injectable wrinkle fillers offer a much younger look for a lot less cost than traditional facelifts. In addition, injectable wrinkle fillers typically take less than 30 minutes and last from 4 months to a year.

This is because injectable dermal fillers relax the muscles underneath your wrinkles. Moreover, the lines and creases are filled which results in the drastic reduction of wrinkles and trouble spots.

Restylane – this is a newer injection made from a non-animal gel called hyaluronic acid (a natural occurring substance that is found in the body). Typically, it is used for lines around the mouth, lip augmentation and lasts longer than Botox .

Restylane Silk – this injection is specifically designed for lip augmentation and the smoothing of lines around the mouth and for wrinkles for ages 21 and older.

Radiesse – this synthetic injection is made from material found naturally in the teeth and bones. It is utilized mostly for folds and wrinkles. Radiesse is longer-lasting than most injections, having a potential to last between 2-5 years. Because it last so long, it is best to begin with an injection that isn’t as long lasting to make sure that you respond well with the treatments.

Sculptra – also known as New Fill, is an innovative hydrogel dermal filler that is well renowned. It is non-animal and does not require a test spot before treatment. Its chief ingredient is polylactic acid, which stimulates new collagen growth.

Belotero – one of the leading injections for lip augmentation because it offers a more natural look instead of an extra “plump” and pouting look. Belotero will also soften wrinkles and lines by embracing and perfectly combining with your skin and natural facial contours.

Perlane – dermal filler for implantation into the skin. I actuality, it is the denser version of Restylane plus it gives more volume and lasts longer. Perlane is generally utilized for the improvement of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and wrinkles.

Questions or Concerns

If you are thinking about getting injectable dermal fillers you may want to consider getting a consultation. That way all questions and concerns can be answered. As well, Dr. Shereen Timani can help you decide what type of injectable dermal fillers will best suit your needs.

Also, Dr. Timani will work work closely with you to help you get the results you are looking for. She practices at Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine, which is an advanced facility with an extremely helpful, friendly, and professional staff. Feel free to call at any time and talk to the staff if you have any questions. Johns Creek Dermatology is located in Johns Creek, Ga and serves the surrounding communities such as Alpharetta, Roswell, Suwanee, Dawsonville, Canton, and beyond.

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