Mandelic acid lip peelDo the vertical lines above your upper lip seem to age you beyond your years? Sun damage, the environment, heredity, and even smoking can all contribute to the formation of these lines and wrinkles. Shereen Timani M.D., at Johns Creek Dermatology in Johns Creek, GA, offers the safe and effective Mandelic acid lip peel which can help minimize these lines without the need for dermal fillers or cosmetic surgery.

Mandelic acid peels are a type of alpha hydroxy (AHA) peel, similar to a glycolic acid or lactic acid peel. Because mandelic acid molecules are larger than either of these acids, mandelic peels do not penetrate into the dermal layers as deeply, so they are less irritating, yet effectively smooth out the lines around the mouth.  A mandelic acid lip peel is a recommended option as a first-time chemical peel for the lips. It possessing anti-bacterial properties, which makes it appropriate for people with acne-prone skin. Since it does not cause de-pigmentation, it is gentle enough for patients exhibiting Rosacea, as well as those with darker and ethnic skin tones.

The Mandelic Acid Lip Peel Process

We will clean and prime your upper lip area prior to application of the mandelic acid peel solution.  When dry, the peel solution will be applied to your skin. The length of time the solution is left on your skin is dependent on how naturally tolerant your skin is to the acid, which may only be a few minutes. You may not feel any immediate sensations of burning or tingling, as mandelic acid does not penetrate as deeply as some of the other types of peels. However, the solution is working, and after a few minutes, you will feel the area becoming warm. The upper lip may also begin to turn pink. We then remove the peel with water or a light cleanser. In some cases, a neutralizing solution may precede removal of the solution, but it is not usually required.

What Are the Effects?

Your skin will be dry, pink and sensitive following the process. Because mandelic acid peels are so mild, there is very little downtime, and typically you will not experience significant peeling, although there may be some flaking. Post-treatment care is very important. Dr. Timani will work with you to develop a post peel program, which includes avoidance of using any scrubs, exfoliants, or harsh acne treatments, as well as wearing a sunscreen daily.  Generally, your upper lip will be healed in 2 to 3 days, and the side effects can be camouflaged with makeup. For best results, as the mandelic acid peel is milder than other options, we recommend a series of at least three treatments, which can be completed every two weeks.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.  

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Timani to determine if a mandelic acid lip peel is the right treatment to soften your lip lines and remove years from your face. Our practice in Johns Creek, GA takes exceptional pride in professionalism and personalized care. Johns Creek Dermatology serves patients in the Atlanta Metro area as well as Roswell, Cumming, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Milton, and Duluth.

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