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Jessner’s Peel

A Jessner’s peel, named after the doctor who originated the procedure, is one of the most effective light cosmetic peels that helps treat sun damaged skin and lightens hyper-pigmented skin. It is designed to remove superficial layers of skin, revealing new, smooth and brighter skin beneath. Although a Jessner’s peel is an excellent option for all skin types, it is particularly beneficial for patients with acne because is opens blocked sebaceous follicles and reduces oil production, therefore promoting the process of healing acne. A Jessner’s peel is most often applied to the face, but it is also provides beautiful results when used on the neck, hands and chest areas.

How Does a  Jessner’s Peel Work?

A Jessner’s Peel is a medium depth peel, which means that it can improve more extensive skin damage and discoloration than a typical Alpha-hydroxyl surface peel. The reason that a Jessner’s peel has the ability for deeper penetration and greater exfoliation of the outer layers of skin cells is because it combines three effective sloughing agents in its formulation: resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. At Johns Creek Dermatology, Dr. Timani  will start the procedure with an application of glycolic cleanser to your chosen treatment area. This removes the outermost layer of skin and oil so that the solution penetrates more thoroughly. She then will apply the Jessner solution to the area. You may experience a slight stinging or burning sensation, which will abate quickly. With deeper exfoliation peeling agents such as the Jessner’s peel, you will experience noticeable flaking and exfoliation within three to four days after the peel, and the underlying skin may be pink for a few days. We will provide you with  an after-peel program to manage the peeling and maintain the newly revealed smoother, healthier layer of skin.