Chemical Peels at Johns Creek DermatologyChemical Peels at Johns Creek Dermatology are a safe and easy way to improve appearance and maintain beautiful looking skin. Typically, Shereen Timani, M.D. applies peels to the face but they can also be used on the neck and hands. Peels are effective in treating these areas of concern:

  • Acne scarring
  • Age spots or sun spots
  • Aging skin
  • Scars

Dead skin cells can cause the skin to look lifeless and dull.  Sunspots and acne scars are not attractive.  A chemical peel administered by Dr. Timani will bring new life to your skin.

Chemical Peels at Johns Creek Dermatology: Good for Your Skin

At Johns Creek Dermatology, we use medical grade peels that contain a higher percentage of active ingredients. By using a higher percentage of active ingredients, you will notice better results. We offer the following chemical peels:

Dr. Timani will help you select a skin peel which is right for your skin type and condition. Your peel will be applied in a spa-like setting.  The treatment takes about 45 minutes in our office.  When you leave, you will be given instructions for applying the activation products and moisturizers for post peel.  Dr. Timani will discuss what to expect as far as peeling and give you explicit instructions for aftercare, including any downtime.

If you have a special event coming up or you just want your skin clean and clear, the chemical peel is right for you.  It can be done on anyone of any age or skin type, and the results are fabulous.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results will vary.

 To learn more about chemical peels, and how board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shereen Timani employs them to improve the appearance of her patients’ skin schedule an appointment today at John Creek Dermatology in Johns Creek, GA. Our office serves the Metro Atlanta, GA, area and the surrounding communities of Roswell, Milton, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, and Alpharetta.

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