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Dr. Timani’s Simple Tips to Healthy Skin

Dr. Timani’s Simple Tips to Healthy Skin

Posted by Johns Creek Dermatology in Skin Care Tips 29 Jan 2013

Finding the perfect regimen for facial care and anti-aging can be a daunting task for an individual. With all the expensive facial products offered in the market and many factors that should be considered when choosing those products, it’s no wonder that the promised results on product labels can lead to disappointment. Dr. Timani’s answer to this troubling task is prevention by implementing a simple regimen that doesn’t involve many steps.

Because every case is unique, Dr. Timani usually suggests regimens that are specific to the skin type, age, as well as the health goals of each individual patient. The patient’s budget is always factored into the specific treatment plan. Dr. Timani also only suggests products that have been tested thoroughly, and that have proven results. The products she suggests contain specific additives to help fight anti-aging and oily/acne prone skin, dry/eczema prone skin, or rosacea/redness prone skin.

So what is a simple step-by-step regimen that you should use everyday?

    • In the morning, use a gentle facial cleanser that gets rid of clogged pores without stripping all of the skin’s natural oils.
    • Follow this step by applying a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen that could be tinted.
    • At night, use the same gentle facial cleanser used in the morning, and follow it by applying a night cream that contains retinoid acid.
    • Use an eye cream twice a day.

If you’re ready to start fresh in the New Year, let Dr. Timani simplify your facial cleansing routine, allowing you to focus on the healthy looking skin you’d like to achieve. Be sure to make an appointment, or stop by John’s Creek Dermatology in January to take advantage of the discount on all facial products!

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