Why live with it, we can fix it!

Dermal fillers have become a mainstay of treatment in aesthetic medicine to correct severe wrinkles and volume loss. When performed by an expert injector like Dr. Shereen Timani, the risks are minimal. But when performed by an inexperienced injector, undesired outcomes and complications become much more common. Unfavorable outcomes happen for a variety of reasons such as incorrect placement, an inappropriate injection technique, or an adverse reaction to the product.

Many patients come to us at Johns Creek Dermatology to reverse their filler as we offer the best dermal filler correction with Hyaluronidase in Greater Atlanta Fulton County Georgia. From under eye filler correction to lip filler correction, our filler reversal technique is safe and easy. Hylauronidase is injected to dissolve any hyaluronic acid fillers thereby correcting over or undesirable augmentation of the cheeks or lips, nodules, or swelling of the under eyes and cheeks.